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Mbarara District Farmers’ Association is a Non-Governmental membership organisation which was formed and registered in 1998. It is affiliated to the Uganda National Farmers’ Federation (UNFFE) in Kampala. Its aims are to unite farmers and assist them to access better services in the areas of production and marketing, through Lobby and Advocacy and Linkages to service providers.

MBADIFA has worked with and received support from development partners like DANIDA, IVA, TRIAS, Farm Africa, PSFU-BUDS, ACDI/VOCA, aBi Trust, GIZ and FINCA to implemented various programmes aimed at improving food and income security of the farmer members in Mbarara District through trainings, experiments and demonstrations.
The organisation has functional democratic structures whereby the farmers assemble at parish level to elect Parish Executive Committees(PECs) and two farmers’ delegates(A lady and a gentleman) which then send delegates to the District Assembly where they elect the District Executive Board(DEB) once in every three years. A Third of the DEB must be women.
The DEB is Charged with the responsibility of running the organisation through a secretariat of the employed staff headed by the coordinator.
Farmers groups with special interest(SIGs), affiliated Civil Society Organisations(CSOs), NGOs, Faith Based Organisations(FBOs)… also register with us to access services and resources. readmore…


All farmers of Mbarara District are united under a strong MBADIFA and have attained quality livelihood


To unite and improve the livelihood of farmer members in Mbarara District through efficient capacity building, lobby and advocacy and linkage to strategic networks for food and income security


  • Farmers are organised in strong groups/organisations.
  • Farmers have increased production and productivity in sustainable way
  • Farmers have accessed diverse and profitable markets.
  • Farmers are food secure
  • Farmers are influencing policies and demand for services.
  • A strong MBADIFA delivering quality and sustainable services.
  • Farmers are linked to other service providers.


Farmers are organized in strong groups/organizations (co-operatives, association, networks)
Farmers have increased production and productivity in sustainable way
Farmers have access to diverse and profitable markets
Farmers are influencing policies
Farmers are linked to other service providers.
A Strong MBADIFA Delivering quality and sustainable services
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