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Demonstration of Good Agronomic Practices in Bean Production

Good Agronomic Practices (GAP) concept initiated with the understanding that practices followed to produce food that is safe to eat and ecologically sustain resources. It is defined as optimization of technologies and resources for sustainable agriculture and food safety. GAP principle and standards that are required for production of quality produce are developed by FAO (2003). Technology transfer of GAP principles have been applied at farm level for soil fertility

management, crop production, post-harvest.

Good Banana Management Practices

Scientifically bananas are classified in the Family; musacae, with genera; ensete and musa. Bananas are perennial herbs and grow up to 5m or more. Banana is one of the major food security crops in Uganda as the crop supplies food to people almost all the time. Aside of food, bananas in Africa are used to produce local brew, and these crops also supplement animal feed. Bananas grow well in areas with rich, dark, fertile soils,

plenty of mulch and organic matter, nitrogen and potassium. However, more is required to sustain a healthy plantation.

Dairy Promotes enterprises

Smallholder milk production accounts for up to 80% of milk produced. Dairy production is one of the fastest growing enterprises in Uganda. It is part of the 12 agricultural commodities which is considered by the line ministry of agriculture to have potential to remarkably contribute to increasing rural incomes and improving livelihoods, food and nutrition security. Although dairy doubles as a cash and food commodity,

most of the milk produced is marketed using informal channels and consumed in unprocessed form. As such there is a huge potential for large and small scale milk processing for purposes of taping into the export market.

Coffee as one of the Promoted Enterprises

If prospective coffee farmers plant the right size of plant-lets, they will be able to harvest coffee between one year and two years if they carry out good agronomic practices.  Growing cloned Robusta coffee is a highly paying investment and it is now the crop for the young and elderly to resort to if they want good money quickly. With an average of 1000 coffee trees of say Robusta

coffee in an acre you can harvest about 8,000 kg in a year. Harvest coffee beans when their color changes from green to ripen red. This is important because when you mix in unripe beans, on drying they will spoil the quality of the beans.

Farmers sell through the market linkage

Types of  market linkages can be categorized in various ways say;
Farmer to domestic trader, Farmer to retailer, Linkages through a leading farmer, Linkages through cooperatives, Farmer to agro-processor, Farmer to exporter, Contract farming. These categories do not, of course, represent the whole range of market opportunities available to farmers. In some countries government marketing boards continue to play an important

role. Purchases by government institutions, such as the military and hospitals, can be an important market and several countries implement school-lunch programmes that provide direct-sale opportunities for rural producers.

The Agroinput Shop at MBADIFA

This is where farmers from different villages showcase their produces say vegetables, cereals and packaged goods like juice, soap and detergents, jelly, herbal medicines and the products are sold at a smart price. More to this also, there’s supply of quality feeds which ensures the good health of animals. Various categories of feeds include poultry feed, sheep husbandry, cat food, pet food, pig farming, cattle feeding, dog food, equine nutrition and bird food.

all these at the agroinput shop at MBADIFA acts as an income source to us.

Saving promotion and training

MBADIFA builds a capacity of members to save at a group level through promotion of Saving and Loan Association (VSLA). The VSLAs are well linked to MBADIFA Sacco to access loans that meet members’ needs.

Promotion on the Use of Agroinput

MBADIFA promotes use of agro-inputs. MBADIFA has an Agro-input shop which helps to access genuine agro inputs. The shop also provides advisory services on proper use of inputs to members.

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